​Our Classes

Pre/Post Natal Yoga - 60 Minutes

Becoming pregnant and having a baby is one of the most rewarding experiences for many, but it can also raise many challenges for a woman and her body. Yoga can be used during pregnancy in order to maintain muscle tone and flexibility when other forms of exercise become unsuitable. This class helps you to prepare for childbirth mentally and physically. Suitable from 16 weeks. 

Vinyasa Flow - 60 mins

This flowing, dynamic class uses creative sequencing, synchronizing movement with breath. Strongly influenced by the philosophy and practice of ashtanga yoga this class is practiced in a warm environment, providing for a detoxifying sweat. standing and floor postures increase cardiovascular fitness and develop strength and flexibility in both body and mind. The constant breath work will have a calming effect on your central nervous system and you will finish your practice energised and centered.
Suitable for all levels, you will learn fundamentals and the foundations of yoga asanas, with the option to progress as your body opens.

 I offer private and group Hatha Yoga classes either in your own home, outdoors or in one of our affiliated locations.. We also work closely with villa rentals in the BVI who wish to offer custom yoga classes to their guests. 


Our Private classes can offer you a more personalised yoga experience to meet your individual needs. Perhaps you are just starting a yoga practice, wish to deepen your practice, or spend some time working through an injury or health issue, private sessions are a great way to gain more exclusive attention. 


Group classes are a fun way to connect with other students and provide amazing group energy while moving and breathing through the asanas together. Learning to find your inner focus in a group setting is a difficult skill to learn but is extremely valuable for life off of the mat.  

Expect to sweat but expect to feel cleansed and refreshed. You will feel longer and leaner from the continuous stretching and lengthening. All of these benefits lead to more self-confidence which leads to greater happiness inside and out.

Hot (Bikram) Yoga - 75 Minutes

Also known as Bikram yoga, a set series of static poses (asanas) in a warm environment designed to increase flexibility, strength, stamina and vitality. sweating promotes detoxification leaving you cleansed and refreshed. Concentration, determination and mental focus is challenged during the standing and floor postures which are held between 10 and 60 seconds. All body systems are stimulated and all muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia can stretch and strengthen due to the continuous compression and extension of the body. Suitable for all levels, this class is for beginners to yoga or the more experienced student since everyone is encouraged to go as deep as their body allows. 

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